Getting started

Welcome to the self-hosting documentation!

To self-host WidgetBot, we currently suggest using fluidsonic/widgetbot.
This is a community fork that has the stable version of WidgetBot, and it has setup instructions in the README.
Make sure you copy data/config.example.yml in server to data/config.yml, and add your desired settings. For advanced configuration, look at the config docs.

Need help?

If you need any assistance self-hosting WidgetBot using the fluidsonic fork, please ask in #self-hosting-support.

You can also self-host the oss branch in the official repo, however this is in active development and does not work fully.
If you get an @widgetbot/database error, run yarn workspace @widgetbot/database build.
For help self-hosting and developing on the oss branch, please ask in #open-source-dev