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To get started with WidgetBot, first you must invite the bot to your server.

Need help?

If you need any assistance adding WidgetBot, please ask in the server. However, please make sure you mention what the issue is, send your code in a codeblock (```), include your server and channel IDs, and optionally include a link to your site.

Adding the Bot

Add the official bot


WidgetBot will not work if you don't add the bot to your server!

Quick Setup

You can use the /setup command to quickly setup WidgetBot!

After you add the bot to your server, you need to pick a format to use in your website.
You can choose between Crate and one of our inline formats.


Inline formats

These let you put a chat box in your site you can change the size, etc.

Choose one of the formats to continue the tutorial and learn about adding the embed to your website.